Annex Theatre’s Spin the Bottle


I just had to take a picture before the show with the brick wall. I love brick. 

I’m sitting at a table at the bar in Annex Theatre. Preparing myself to perform by drinking a hot toddy. I have a chest cold and I’m hoping the drink will give me some relief before I take the stage. I don’t know anyone here so I’m sitting in the corner looking up every once and a while at the slide show playing on the screen of past renditions of Spin the Bottle. Every once and a while I see someone that I know on the screen. Which makes me feel like I’m in a safe performance space.

Now they’ve moved me into the green room. It’s a little warm and smells like Doritos. Typical green room stuff is happening; a group of men are going over their lines, a young lady comes in and begins unpacking her guitar, a couple of ladies are tucked away in the corner changing clothes and I’m just sitting here sipping on my hot toddy and writing this piece on my phone. I’m going to put my phone up now, grab my notebook, and go over my pieces.

To be continued after the show!


I must apologize, it’s Monday and I’m just now getting back to sharing what happened. I ended up spending the weekend trying to get rid of my chest cold. I was heavy medicated and I tried to sleep it away. Unfortunately, it is a little stubborn and it is sticking with me.

My voice held up and I felt good about my performance. The audience seemed to respond well to me and a few of the other artists told me they enjoyed me as well. Once the pressure of performance was gone. I just sat back and relaxed and watched the rest of the show. Yes, I was tempted to leave but when I participate in shows like this I like to show the other artists some love by staying and watching them perform. Even though I was told I could leave and since I wasn’t feeling well. I had a good enough reason to leave, but I wouldn’t have felt right if I would have left.

Plus, I believe I learn from watching other people perform and I just happened to enjoy the performances so it was a win win for me. There was a funny storyteller/comedian that talked about her intestines, a play about Santa being kidnapped, couple of Christmas songs, and a solo performance. Before I performed there was a young man that performed This Little Light Of Mine and played the trombone. I felt like I was in church.

All in all it was a good night, I performed for the first time at Annex Theatre. I performed for an audience that didn’t know of my work, or me and I had the opportunity to share the stage with some really cool artists. Mission accomplished.

My next performance will be on December 18th at Jack Straw Cultural Arts Center at 7pm.


Annex Theatre’s Spin the Bottle

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