Yesterday, I was excited to fall back into my Sunday routine of watching football all day. If every team is as competitive as they were yesterday throughout the season it’s going to be a very good season. Yesterday was also September 11th, which is a reminder of the painful day in which we were attacked on American soil. It’s a day that just about everyone can remember where they were, what they were doing, how they felt and sadly who we loss. It was a day that although we were broken we came together and said, “We are Americans, and we are STRONG!”

Yesterday was also a day to see how the NFL as a whole and as individuals would respond to one of their own. What would they do? Who would support him? Who will not support him? It was also a day where some who had announced earlier in the week that we should pay attention to what they do because it was going to be powerful. I listened to the commentators speak time and time again about the statements teams and individuals made by whether they linked arms, took a knee or even raised their fist. I woke up this morning and the conversation continued on the morning news programs. I went online to see what was happening in the world and the topic was trending.

I think it’s all-good whatever people chose to do on their own or in a group was their prerogative. Although, it’s making me feel some kind of way and I would like to share that with you. I’m not feeling inspired. I’m not feeling that the world will change. I have more questions. As Americans we know how to come together in times of heartache. We are a compassionate people. We know how to come together and support our favorite sports team, the Olympics, artists, politicians, etc. I guess my problem is or what I’m questioning is how do we stay together.

I thank Colin Kaepernick for taking a stance and for doing what he needed to do to bring attention to a national issue. I’ve listened to those who support him and to those who question him but support him in some kind of way. No worries, I don’t think it has to be an all or nothing type of thing. I’ve also listened to those who don’t have a clue and took it to the extreme on his intentions. For now the important thing is that when I turn on the news or go online people are talking about it in some kind of way.

But, I still have some questions. Would the teams that locked arms or the individuals in the stands who locked arms. Would they have continued to do so if right after the National Anthem there was a performance of the Black National Anthem? Or if after the National Anthem played a tribe of Native Americans came on the field and presented a traditional song and/or dance? Honestly, I don’t know why what the individuals in the NFL did yesterday just doesn’t make me believe that we are all linked in trying to make this country a safe and better place for all Americans. I believe were like family, we may fight each other but the hell if we let someone else kick our behinds. No I don’t believe that because we don’t love everyone, so it’s not like family. It’s more like we are a sports team we play hard and we play together when we have to, but when the game is over we go our separate ways. We live our separate lives. I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.

My nephew once said, “I’m not impressed”, and at the time I busted out laughing. I know we as Americans can come together and show a sign of unity when the world is watching, but what happens when the world isn’t watching. When you are taking your child to school? When you are out to dinner with your friends? When you are at a play or a concert? When you are in the grocery store? When you are in class or at work? When you are simply walking down the street? When you are donating your time to a cause? When you are sitting home lying on the couch watching football, soccer, golf, NASCAR?

Are we unified in those moments? Or are we unified only in crisis?

I promise I want us to be unified, but the truth is we are not.

I want to thank everyone who is constantly working towards unification.


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