Sunny vs Cloudy Days


The sun is shining. We are finally starting to get a taste of summer. Around these parts we really appreciate what the summer brings. It not only highlights the beauty of the Pacific Northwest but it also lightens our spirits. Some of us are use to the cloudy somewhat rainy winters, but when that sun starts to show itself regularly we instantly light up. I have this thing I say, when the sun comes out it seems like people will just sit anywhere to get a taste of it. On the sidewalks and in any little patch of grass they can find, because they know we have to take it all in while we can. We really and truly appreciate its presence over here.

I’m starting to fill that way about violence in our communities and throughout America. The only difference is the winters are year round and there are only short flashes of summer. We’re going through these constant moments where this person is gunned down, beaten up, or violated in some inhumane way and those people over there are killed in a massive shooting or even bombed. Then when we get that brief moment where nothing has happened and we begin to very slowly and cautiously come out of the grief. BOOM!!!

It’s happened again.

On Monday, the young lady that works with me. Came into the office and I could tell that she wasn’t herself. Hell I wasn’t myself. We spoke a little while about the murder of Charleena Lyles, but then like always we tried to focus on the work. We went through our workday like normal tackling our workload. It seemed pretty much like a typical day in the office, once we got in our grove.

When the time came for me to leave for the day. I stood up and she said, “Sharon, I just have one more question before you go.” I looked down into her eyes and they were a little glossy, so I made sure I gave her my undivided attention. Then she said in her most sincere voice, “What do we do?”

As her boss she is somewhat use to me having the answer. Hell I’m use to me having some kind of answer. I slowly reached for my chair and sat back down, looked her in her eyes and said, “Suryanka, I don’t know”.


I don’t know when the sun will continue to shine and if the cloudy winters will ever stop again. I just don’t know.

Sunny vs Cloudy Days